When things break, empathy is almost always the thing that is missing whether it’s relationships, society, government or just a piece of furniture. My drive to create my art comes from my need to express and share how I feel about broken things, reach for the empathy that’s missing, and show there’s always still potential for greatness no matter how broken something becomes.
I live in the US now, but I’m from Bangladesh. In my home country, there are many broken things in government, family life, and society. Throughout my life, I’ve always felt a need to bring broken things to the attention of others in any way that I could. Being forcefully accepting of an estranged family member, joining protests, becoming involved in student government, and volunteering for study abroad organizations are just some of the things I’ve done to pursue my passion for promoting and sharing empathy with the world. But through it all, my art has always been my main expressive outlet and a source of joy (and sometimes frustration) in my life.
I mainly work in acrylic and oil paints, but I dabble in everything from pastels and pencil, to cardboard and canvas, to wood and butane torches; and I love using discarded objects in my sculpture. Everything has potential waiting to be discovered.
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